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Caring for Ebola Orphans

How You Can Help  
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

The Ebola orphans will have many ongoing needs such as food and clothing and every donation made will make a difference in their lives.  

If you would like to help by sending supplies in addition, these children will need all the basic toiletries and other  items.

Suggested Items:
Sheets/pillow cases
Bar of Soap
Toilet paper
We do not recommendshipping liquid items such as shampoo.
If you would like to donate the items listed above or have other items that you would like to donate, please contact Amy
Hello Karen,


Have you or a loved one experienced the pain of the sudden death of a family member who was in the prime of their life? Have you or a loved one ever been socially rejected and subjected to cruel treatment? Never, we hope, but if you have then you may truly understand the emotional turmoil that Ebola Orphans experience.


Ebola orphans are defined as children below the age of 18 who, due to the Ebola epidemic, have lost the primary earner or bread-winner in the family.  The family in many West African home often includes children of relatives and other children who may have been adopted informally. In many homes, both parents have passed away due to Ebola. The United Nations estimates that there may be over 10,000 Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone alone despite the fact that there are orphans in other regions such as Guinea and Liberia.


Over the past 3-4 months, we have been taking care of several Ebola orphans in the Wellington community of Freetown, Sierra Leone, providing food, maintenance, counselling, rehabilitation and support. New cases of Ebola have declined considerably this month and efforts are now focusing increasingly on long-term solutions such as ensuring an enhanced health capacity and care for Ebola Orphans.


One of the orphans that we have been working with is Geraldine.  Geraldine and her siblings lost their parents to Ebola.  Since she was admitted to an Ebola Treatment Unit, we have been supporting Geraldine and her siblings.  We have also had the opportunity to provide counselling and psycho-social support to them and have helped with their reintegration back into the community.  Read more...



Building For Orphanage - Ebola Orphans  
As part of our response to the loss that these orphans are facing, we are launching an orphanage in Wellington.  This will serve as a base for orphan care and also be a home for 10 to 14 orphans.  

Thanks to a generous donation from Global Giving we have rented a building (see picture below)  We are in the process of renovating this building.  We estimate that the renovation should be complete by the end of March to house the Ebola orphans.  We plan to share updates and more photos in the coming months. See photos of building before renovation... 





We welcome your support towards on-going care and support for these orphans.  We will be responsible for their food, maintenance, clothing, medical etc. - basically everything.   
We plan to implement an "Adopt an Orphan" program where you can be paired or matched with a specific orphan. You can communicate with the orphan, send gifts, visit the orphan etc.  Should you be interested in hearing more about this, please reply to this email and we will provide you with more information.  


Thanks for your care and consideration for these orphans who have lost everything.
With deep gratitude for your support and partnership, 
Amy and the Develop Africa team
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