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» Responding to the Famine in East Africa


» Trip Report - Visit to Advocacy Initiative


Back to School - School Supplies Welcome


It's Time to Help Change a Child's Life - Sponsor a Child Today

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Warm greetings.  Highlighted in this newsletter are - Responding to the famine in East Africa, school supplies in Moshi, Tanzania and a trip report - visit to Advocacy Initiative, and help change a child's life through our Child Sponsorship Program.

Responding to The Famine in East Africa:

Making the news recently is the devastating famine in Eastern Africa. In Kenya, Somalia, and all along the coast people are seeking help at refugee camps, but many, mostly children in fact, continue to suffer. Parents of approximately 29,000 children under the age of five have lost their young loved ones in the course of these last three months. (BBC News article).

There are certainly no easy answers to this crisis.  Together, we need to respond with not just with short-term solutions (which are essential), but also with mid-range and long term strategies that will prevent a re-occurrence.  Together, we must develop a focused and strategic approach to ensure sustainability, growth and the realization of the destinies of these nations.

Famine in East Africa

Otherwise, history may unfortunately repeat itself, again and we may find ourselves responding to another "new" crisis in a few years. 

The writing is clearly on the wall. These nations need a targeted and multi-thronged approach.  Now, it's up to us as individuals, groups, governments and nations to act.

Your thoughts? Got comments - please add them to our blog.

Trip Report - Advocacy Initiative - A Visionary Organization - Impacting the Lives of Young Adults

Advocacy Initiative for Development - is an exemplary and visionary non-profit seeking to advocate for the rights of humanity & render services for the development of people & their communities.  The organization is led by a fine team that includes Sylvanus (the Founder), Andrew, Cornelius and AbuBakarr.   During our trip we had the pleasure of meeting with some of the leaders and the beneficiaries of computer training and sewing tool-kits (Kutor and Jeneba - pictured below).

Photos of beneficiaries with toolkits received earlier

Sewing machine toolkits beneficiaries

The beneficiaries asked us to relay their gratitude to all corporate and individual donors that had helped make the computer training and tool-kits available.  A few photos from our visit are available here

Visit to Advocacy Initiative

We congratulate Advocacy Initiative on the fine work that they are doing.  We are proud to be working in partnership with you.

 Back to School - School Supplies Welcome

It’s that time again! School supply drives are an excellent opportunity for children to learn to help others and to study another part of the world. Kindly consider hosting one at your child’s classroom, your college, work place or place of worship ... or make it a family shopping trip. Gently used school supplies are welcome as well.

For details, see

Enhancing Education With Books and School Supplies at St. Timothy's School in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa

Working in partnership with Sharon and a fine team of friends in Singapore, a range of books, school and teaching supplies, games and toys have arrived at St. Timothy's School in Moshi, Tanzania.  Financed / supported by Singapore team and Develop Africa.  See photos.

supporting education in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa

It's Time to Help Change a Child's Life - Sponsor a Child  Today

Many African children can use some on-going support as they find their place and purpose in the world, even their next meal.  You can provide that support: food, vitamins, and an education. The child you sponsor will have the building blocks to become a happy, healthy member of society. Read more...

Sponsor Adama or another child today

Vision 2011: Expanding Our Impact, Investing in Lives

Why do we do what we do? We do this because there are millions that do not have a choice and a voice. We are their voice to you. Providing you with an opportunity to get involved and help change the world!

Thanks again for helping make all this and more happen!  We deeply appreciate you members of the Develop Africa family (all who love and care for people in Africa).

Here's how we can do more together:

  • Commit to donating monthly:  This would help us significantly.  Please consider signing up for a monthly or quarterly recurring donation of $10, $25, $50 or more. 
  • Volunteer quality time:  We could use your help, no matter where you live.  Provided that you are committed to help and willing to do whatever it takes.  Some opportunities are listed here - or you tell us specifically what you can do for us.


With the best of wishes...
Sylvester Renner and The Develop Africa Team