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Raise Money by Searching the Internet

Raise Money by Searching the Internet Raise money for Develop Africa, Inc. just by searching the internet using GoodSearch — it doesn't get any easier than this! Use GoodSearch like any other search engine (see sidebar at right). But here's the difference: Every time you use GoodSearch, money is generated for Develop Africa, Inc. — each completed search raises approximately $0.01 for us! And since GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo, you will get proven, high-quality search results. GoodSearch is an Internet search engine with a simple concept and unique social mission. GoodSearch enables you to help fund any of hundreds of thousands of charities or schools (including Develop Africa, Inc.!) through the simple act of searching the Internet. Read More...
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Dell Printer Donations - 2006

Dell Printer Donation: On September 16, 2006, members of Develop Africa, Inc., received a total of 10 (ten) Dell Printers to be used for projects in Africa and for program administration.  The types of printers received: Dell 942 and Dell 922 The printers were received through a partnership with Dell Inc. and Gifts in Kind International.  
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Develop Africa Listed on Local Newspaper Website

Develop Africa, Inc is Listed as a Non-Profit Organization on Local Newspaper: Develop Africa, Inc is listed as a Non-Profit Organization on the website of the local newspaper - in Johnson City, Tennessee, the town where Develop Africa, Inc. is headquartered.   Click on the following link and look for a picture on the right with the map of Africa on it  +  colors yellow and green:
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Newsletter Released - Volume 1 Issue 3

Latest General Updates Newsletter Released: This newsletter provides the latest update on progress and highlights future plans.  Provides interesting reading...  Read newsletter...
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Upcoming Trip to West Africa

Trip to West Africa: Develop Africa, Inc is actively planning its next trip to Africa (December 2006 to January 2007).  A team from Develop Africa will be providing basic computer / Information Technology Training for youth in December -  in 2 countries.  Training will include basic office application, web design and "Train the Trainer" sessions. The training will be offered in the Gambia and in Sierra Leone).  Team will launch Develop Africa's scholarship program.  A scholarship fund has been established and we will be distributing three to four scholarships this year. Purpose of the trip also includes building relationships and partnerships, conducting informal and formal surveys, exploring opportunities, laying a foundation for new projects, building on current projects etc.   Pictures will be available towards the end of January 2007.
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Web Design Help

Solution: Assist with the Development and Updates of  Web Sites: Many non-profit organizations (or NGOs - Non-governmental Organizations) in Africa do not have web sites.  As explained in our basic computer training page many people in the developing world do not have the required skills and resources to create web pages.  These organizations include youth organizations, churches, community groups, etc.  Based on a survey conducted by Develop Africa, this was identified as one of the needs of organizations in Africa.  The dissemination of information through web sites is crucial in today's information age.  So in order to address this need, Develop Africa decided to start offering assistance to organizations in Africa.   Develop Africa acts as the liaison coordinating the design and development of web sites.  Assistance is provided primarily through volunteers who are based in the USA and Europe.  Assistance is currently limited and provided as and when volunteer help is available. This program was launched in Summer 2006.  Web design volunteer help needed: Should you be interested in volunteering time to assist in this area, please contact us.  Serious inquiries only please.
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Partnership: Develop Africa Inc and Ethiopian Education Endeavors, Inc

Children's Book Project Partnership with Ethiopian Education Endeavors, Inc Many schools in Africa do not have adequate teaching / reading materials or a comprehensive curriculum. Additionally, tens of thousands of school children do not have access to books that will support the growth and development of their reading skills. Our Response... With this in mind Develop Africa, Inc. and Ethiopian Education Endeavors, Inc. have teamed up to support the development and growth of education in Africa.  This will be done through various activities such as the provision of textbooks, general reading books and other appropriate reading materials that will foster reading and literacy development. Ethiopian Education Endeavors Inc. was established to collect and disseminate educational textbooks and workbooks to primary and secondary schools in Ethiopia. Therefore educators are enabled to evaluate, develop and increase curricular affinity between Ethiopian and the developed countries’ schools.  Ethiopian Education Endeavors Inc. is a registered, 501.c.3 foundation, based in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Educational needs in Ethiopia range from the construction of new academic facilities to provision of paper and pencils. The schools immediately need primary and secondary textbooks, workbooks, notebooks and reading books etc. Partnership Goals: 1. Support curriculum development in African schools. 2. Provide reading materials that will encourage reading development. This project involves the collection, sorting, shipping and distribution of children’s books in Africa. The pilot phase of this project will involve (initially) schools in Sierra Leone (West Africa) and Ethiopia (East Africa). Send a Book Partnership Project Pdf More information about our book drive Should you be interested in assisting with collecting books, please contact us.  Donate towards this project
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Develop Africa’s Project Highlighted on

Develop Africa's commitment to and involvement in ICT has been acknowledged by Universal Giving.  UniversalGiving is a social entrepreneurship non-profit whose vision is to “create a world where giving and volunteering are a natural part of everyday life.” Working through more than 200 nonprofit partners and a network of worldwide experts. UniversalGiving services promotes quality giving and volunteering with our unique Quality Model ™, working . Picture featured was taken during a computer training session in Sierra Leone offered by Develop Africa at iEARN.  Through your on-going support, we continue to empower youths in Africa. To read more on this please visit If this featured item on the UN Conference and the need to strengthen  knowledge economies is no longer available on Universal Giving's home page, proceed to the news page ... or you can see what the home page looked like at the time this newsletter was composed by viewing these pdf files: (pdf) Universalgiving_page (pdf)
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Beneficiaires Receive Microfinance Sewing Toolkits

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